For Residential


  • Save Up to 90% on TNB Electricity Bills
  • 30-Year Product Life Cycle

For Commercial


  • Save Up to 40% on TNB Electricity Bills
  • Eligible for Up to 38% Tax Deductions
  • Estimated ROI in 2-3 Years
  • Business Loan Options Available


What is NEM 3.0?

NEM 3.0, initiated by SEDA and TNB in Malaysia, encourage solar energy adoption. It enhances previous versions, making solar investment more appealing for residential, commercial, and government users. Under NEM, solar PV-generated energy is consumed first, with any excess exported to TNB at the prevailing displaced cost.

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How Solar Energy Work For TNB Bill Reduction?

Once the solar energy generates the electricity and is used, the excess can be offset on a one-on-one basis. None of the energy or money will go to waste. People can save up to 90% every month in the long run. While saving money, we also get to practice an eco-friendly lifestyle!



Get to know Micro Energy Holdings (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Micro Energy Holdings (M) Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 2011, we promote the use of clean renewable sources of energy in cutting back carbon emission production to slow down global warming. We encourage innovation through creativity and research on sustainable energy development. We advocate for the public on the importance and benefits of living sustainability.

In Malaysia, most installers provide Tier 1 Chinese solar panels. However, our company goes a step further by also offering premium SunPower panels from the U.S., giving customers access to both high-quality, cost-effective options and top-of-the-line performance.

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