1. Upon confirmation of purchase, our customer service will call to make the appointment.
  2. All servicing will be from 9AM to 6PM on working days only. Unless due to special request.
  3. All appointments made will be final unless due to unforeseen circumstance.
  4. Appointment made by our staff on the stipulated time will be final. Late arrival due to unforeseen circumstance will be inform by our technician through telecommunication or Social App such as (WhatsApp).
  5. Service provided is on general service of the unit as per. Scope of work provided in the terms and condition.
  6. A full report upon completion of general service will be given for the unit.
  7. Any faulty parts that is detected during our service. Our technician will advised the customer on the parts replacement and labor cost. This will be bill upon confirmation and paid in advance before replacement works
  8. All payments and dealings will be with the said company Seagull, any direct dealing with our technician will be against our company by laws and prosecution proceedings will executed against all parties involve.
  9. All parts replacement will have 30 days warranty period.
  10. Workmanship for works done will be 30 days defect liabilities period.
  11. Defective parts found during our maintenance of the equipment will be advised to the customer and will not be under our defect liabilities contract. We will not be held responsible should the unit malfunction after we have completed our scope of works. As such the parts have a certain life span. This is due to wear & tear.
  12. Should our technician is unable to attend the appointment at the stated time and date .Our customer service will call to postpone and re-arrange another time and date with the customer.



  1. All sales confirm will be final. Goods sole are not refundable.
  2. All warranty will be by manufacturer. Therefore will follow manufacturer warranty terms and condition as per attached.
  3. Goods damage during transportation will be under manufacturer warranty. All goods to be inspected by customer and deem to be in good condition and will be signed off by the customer or his/her representative.
  4. Delivery time upon purchase will be 5 working days but we will not be held responsible for delay due to any unforeseen circumstances.
  5. Stock availability will be at the discretion of the manufacturer. It will be delivered upon availability of the product. We will call to inform on this should the stock is not available.
  6. Offer stock will be till stock last. No Notice will be given.