Why You Need an Air-Cooler?

Everyone should have an air cooling system of some kind in their home and business. It is terribly difficult to make it through the hot months without one. But shopping for one can be a frustrating operation.

It is hard to find just the right air cooling system that will fit all your needs. Each one has its benefits and misgivings. There are evaporative air cooling systems, air conditioners, and other alternatives such as household fans.

Each comes in a wide variety of makes and models that just tend to boggle the mind. So, how do you tell which one to choose? How do you make an informed decision? We have compiled a list of useful information on each to help you choose the unit that is best for you.

Do your research and choose the unit that will keep you the most comfortable through the hot months.





These are box-like units that work primarily with a pump, a fan, water-soaked pads and a water line ran from a water source. Once the switch is turned on, the hot air in your surroundings is circulated through into the cooler, through the water-soaked pads which cool the air down then the air is distributed out of the air vents with the fan.

It cools the air in your home significantly and adds a tiny layer of moisture to make the airsoft to breathe. Since it is constantly bringing in new air, the air you breathe is always refreshed and not stagnant or stale.


These units have four basic parts: the evaporator, the compressor, the condenser, and the expansion device. The evaporator breaks down the refrigerant chemical and fans blow air across the coils of the evaporative cooler. The refrigerant within the coils cools the air. It absorbs the heat.

Once this happens the refrigerant turns from a cold liquid to a hotter vapour. The heat is removed from the air and it becomes colder.

The compressor then picks up the vaporised refrigerant and compresses the gas into a higher pressurised temperature. This hotter vapour then passes over the condenser. The gas condenses back into its liquid state as the heat is radiated out. The cooled off liquid is now released into the home. The air is dry and cool.


These are self-explanatory as they circulate the existing air in the home. Existing air can be stale. The fans will not cool down the air very well unless cooler air is already released into the home through an open window.



Where you live plays a large part in the decisions you will make concerning air cooling systems. If you live in very dry and hot areas then you will want to choose an evaporative air cooler. This type will add a small amount of moisture to the air to help with overly dry air.

Air conditioning units tend to be best for areas that hold natural humidity as they dry out the inside air. Other systems such as fans do not cool the temperatures of the air but rather circulate it better. They will also not help to cool down inside areas or the body once the temperature reaches the 32 degrees C.

Some areas also have city ordinances and restrictions placed on air conditioners due to the chemicals they release into the ozone. Evaporative air coolers run naturally without the harsh chemical leakage or burn off.

Some areas also have energy restrictions that will prohibit air conditioners from being used at certain times of the day or used at all. Evaporative air coolers are fine in these areas as they do not use a large amount of energy or water to danger any type of shortage or restriction.



Since evaporative air coolers let off a minuscule amount of moisture to your air, they do help with certain health issues including sinus infections, nosebleeds, eye and skin irritations, allergies etc. The air they give off is cool and soft. It is not as harsh as other air coolers. They are not only great for our personal health but also the environment around us.

These coolers run on natural elements without use or harsh chemicals that are bad for the environment. They also bring in a constant stream of outside air which naturally refreshed the air within your home.

Air conditioners dry the air through their cooling process. The provide cool air that tends to be recirculated more than a steady stream of fresh air being brought in. They do help to cut down on certain allergies yet can irritate others as well as exacerbate other health concerns. You can purchase modern air conditioners with humidity control but they can be pricey.



The space that you want to cool down will make a drastic game changer in the unit that you purchase.


These units are rated by the air delivery that they manage. This is broken down into a measurement known as a CFM (cubic feet per minute of air that they can blow).

To calculate the size of unit that you will need to successfully cool your space there is a formula to use. You will simply multiply the area of the room in square feet with the height of the ceiling. Then divide that number by two to get the correct CFM that you will need.

The formula will look a lot like this: If your room size is 500 so. ft. and your ceiling height is 8 feet high then your formula will be 500 X 8= 4000 divided by 2 = 2000 CFM. Now take this number with you as you shop and get an air cooler with at least a 2000 CFM output.


The amount of air put out from air conditioners is measured differently. BTUs (British Thermal Units) are used to measure the output of air needed to cool your facility. Many people mistakenly buy an overly large air conditioner thinking that it will cool down their space quicker and more efficiently.

The opposite is true. Over large units will not only waste more electricity but they will cool less efficiently. To get the right air conditioner for your space you need to do some calculating.

To find your ideal air conditioner: determine your room or home’s square footage. You then need to find the BTU units needed based on your square footage. There are several tables online to help you find the exact size that you need for your home. After you reach our ideal size, check your home’s electrical system to be sure that it can handle the requirements needed.


If you have a small space then a portable air cooling unit may be your best choice. There are several styles and sizes to choose from in both evaporative air coolers and air conditioners. If you have a small space then you may want to invest in one of these models.

They are more economical and are portable to carry from room to room only cooling the rooms that you need.

Finding the right cooling system for you is easier than it seems. Arm yourself with the tips above to make an educated choice on the cooling system that is right for you.

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