Should I Go for Inverter or Non-Inverter Air-Conditioners Unit?

Inverter Air-Conditioners is no longer a newer products in market, they usually come with a different rating. While non inverter aircon have energy efficient rating, inverter aircon are marked with inverter rating. People are confusing in choosing an Inverter Unit or Non-Inverter unit, therefore, let’s take a look at the basic differences between Inverter aircon and Non-Inverter air conditioner.


The compressor and its motor are manufactured to operate at constant speed or single speed only. In simple terms, it is either in the on (Full Power) or off (No Power) mode.
Therefore for Non Inverter, you will actually feel the air conditioner blowing cold air one moment and normal wind at another.
Due to this operating principle, the electrical consumption is higher and the compressor tends to spoil more easily because of the frequent start-stop. And there is no part load capabilities.


The biggest difference between these two types of aircon lies in the functionality of the Inverter, the best tool to save electricity. The Inverter in Inverter aircon helps to control the speed of the compressor motor, compressor is with part load capabilities and without energy surge happened because of the frequent start-stop, thereby changing the temperature as per requirement.
This can reduce the electricity consumption of your air conditioner While in Non-inverter air-con’s the compressor motor it operates at complete capacity or non at all and switched off. This can cause unwanted current consumption(Energy Surge) and high electricity bill.



This is because of its part load capabilites. After an Inverter air-conditoner attains the set temperature, instead of ‘switching off’ like a non inverter, it uses the minimum power to ensure your room is maintain at the required temperature and adjust smoothly with response to any changes in the cooling load. Overall, you use less electricity.


We are clearly that an Inverter unit is way better than a Non-inverter unit, so why not just have the Inverter and phase out the Non-Inverter Unit?
Price is the main reason. The difference can range from RM300-RM500. Therefore for owners that do not have a habit of using air-conditioner every night or more than 7 hours a day, it may be more worthwhile getting a Non-Inverter Air-conditioner.
But, do believe us, an Inverter unit is more energy efficient. Strictly speaking, you should calculate the ‘breakeven period’ or ‘simple payback period’. For daily usage more than 5-6 hours, in long term calculation, you will be surprise how Inverter do saving for your electrical bills, you will get more than what you have paid.


Hope these info helps you in the selection between this two types of Air-conditioner units. Cheers! C=



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