How to get the best air conditioner units on your house?

How to get the best air conditioner units on your house? (如何选择最适合的冷气机/空调?)

1) Choose the correct size for your room. (选择正确的空调大小及马力)
You might be need more cool inside of your room. You may have an extra money to buy the big and powerfull air conditional units for your room. But it will not make you comfortable while sleep at the night. It is take a small air conditioners units for your small room. Not only save your space, it also keep away the big noise of air conditional fans.

2) Install Your Air Conditional Units Properly. (选择及安装在正确的位置)
Ensure installing the air conditional units properly. If its mounted on the windows frame, ensure it fix properly. The loose or unstable fixed will rattle, hum and buzz loudly. Tighten the units properly and ensure it is stable to use.

3) Check all the Equipment. (检查所有设备)
Check all the part of the air conditioner units. It include with fan blades and rotating plates. If the fan blade is not properly straight, it will make a noise and vibrate against the faceplate. Lubricate the rotating plates to make it running properly.

4) Check the Power Cord. (检查电源)
This is the simple thing that people are not concern about it. If the Power Cord is worn/twisted or frayed, it will not supply power to the air conditioner units properly. It will cause the inttermittent and vibrating noise while restarting. Replace the quality power code and get consultation from qualify electrician.

5) Clean the filter. (清洁过滤器)
Most of the air conditioner units filter are located near the faceplate. Clean it every week. Make it as your weekend routine. It will provide you the quite air conditioner plus, you’ll get the cool freshness inside of your room.

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