YET HVPF Full Stainless Steel 16″-50″ High Volume Industrial Propeller Exhaust Fan


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Features and Benefits:

  • Heavy duty industrial grade
    Adopts high quality galvanized steel as the fan casing and 100% stainless steel ss304 as the fan blade
  • High volume low noise operation
    Heavy duty induction motor connected with B belt for low speed operation producing high air volume
  • Auto ON/OFF shutter
    Automatically controlled opening and closing according to fan’s operation and it is waterproof grade
  • Anti-rust and waterpoof
    Beautiful design in appearance and usually used by commercial / industrial for long term use
  • Belt driven operation
    Low noise, low speed yet highly energy saving producing extremely high air volume
  • Best fit for commercial or industrial
    Suitable for exhaust of hot air to improve an enclosed space ventilation condition exponentially