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Daikin REVO Premium Ceiling Cassette Non-Inverter R32 2.0-4.0HP (JUNE SUPER DEAL!)

RM3,780.00RM5,850.00 inc.tax


  • Comfortable Airflow
  • Comfort Control
  • Operation
  • Lifestyle Convenience
  • Health & Clean
  • Timer
  • Worry Free (Reliability & Durability)
  • Flexibility
  • Remote Control
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YET VM130/VM130-S Evaporative Industrial Portable Air Cooler (JUNE SUPER DEAL!)

Feature & Specification : 

Best fit for commercial & industrial use
3 levels of speed control (low, medium, high)
Up to 100m2 effective area coverage
Powerful Air Flow >13000m3/hr
High Water Tank capacity 100L
Power consumption 650 watts
Heavy-duty > 8 hrs operation daily
Water level indicator

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Hervatten Unisex Chest Bag Porter Waist Pouch Bag Sling Bag (JUNE SUPER DEAL!)

⭐ High Quality ⭐ Affordable Price ⭐
Gender: Woman / Man (Unisex)
Material: Polyester + Nylon
Size: 37 (L) cm X 14 (W) cm X 6 (H) cm (approx.)
Style: Unisex Sling Bag (Minimalist)

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Terraillon Nautic Up Mechanical Bathroom Scale with BMI Function (JUNE SUPER DEAL!)

Original price was: RM142.00.Current price is: RM112.00. inc.tax


-BMI Function
-Large Dial, Easy to Read
-Large Platform, to weigh comfortably
-Unique Design
-Max : 150kg / 330lb capacity
-1kg / 2lb graduation
-5 Years Gurantee

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(Wi-Fi) Daikin FTV-P Series Wall Mounted Non-Inverter R32 1.0-2.5HP (JUNE SUPER DEALS!)

RM1,120.00RM2,630.00 inc.tax

Feature :

  • Gin-Ions Blue Filter
  • Smart Control (Built-in WI-FI)
  • Powerful Mode
  • Sleep Mode
  • Timer
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(Wi-Fi) Daikin Wall Mounted FTKF Series Inverter R32 1.0HP-2.5HP (JUNE SUPER DEALS!)

RM1,450.00RM3,090.00 inc.tax

Feature :

  • Gin-Ion Blue Filter
  • Econo Mode
  • Smart Control (built in WI-FI)
  • Durable PCB (PCB Voltage Shield)
  • Removable Drain Pan
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Midea Wall Mounted Xtreme Save MSXS Series Inverter R32 1.0-2.5HP (JUNE SUPER DEALS!)

RM1,120.00RM2,730.00 inc.tax

Feature : 

  • Air magic
  • Flash Cooling
  • Prime Guard
  • Cold Catalyst Filter
  • Low Noise
  • Smart Diagnosis
  • Diamond Cabinet
  • Follow Me
  • WIFI Control (optional)
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Panasonic PU Series Inverter Wall Mounted R32 1.0-2.5HP (JUNE SUPER DEALS!)

RM1,460.00RM3,120.00 inc.tax


  • ECO Mode with A.I Control
  • Inverter Technology
  • Durable Outdoor Units
  • Instant Powerful Cooling
  • Aerowings
  • Convenient Centralised Control
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